LOLG front cover

“I do not deserve you, but I am selfish enough to keep you for my own.” 

Attending L.A.’s Gakton Boarding School, 17-year-old introvert Molly Frair hooks up with a bunch of high-gear party animals who try to draw her into their world of sex, booze, drugs, and organized chaos. Rejecting this, she introduces them to a world of literature and self-discovery while managing to stay under the radar… until she runs into one Jamie Greene. Beguiled by the English charmer’s free-spirited lifestyle, Molly steps out of her comfort zone to become the thrill seeker she has always wanted to be. Yet, what kind of price will the ingenue have to pay when she unexpectedly forced to reveal her darkest secret?

A colorful and provocative coming-of-age story that dives headlong into many of today’s complex teen issues, Lots of Love, Gelato pulls no punches when tackling hot topics such as social conflict and severe depression. Written with pathos, personal insight, and an engaging sense of humor, this book is the culmination of three years’ soul-searching work by Melanie Buskin that commenced when she was a 14-year-old high school freshman. It is her first novel.

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Published by Neon Sky – an imprint of Bemis Media Group

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